Tailor Made Travel


are a professional travel agency that specialises in tailor made travel designed to meet each client’s needs and desires.

Experienced travellers and clients from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine appreciate the most up to date and honest information on the latest trends in the world travel market.

Stable company growth, business insurance and professional financial management guarantees Vanilla Traveler’s partners advantageous terms of cooperation. Our professionalism and high quality services have earned us many an international certificate and award but the prize that we value the most is our clients’ continuous positive feedback, appreciation and loyalty.

Tatjana Kausakiene

In addition to being the most experienced member of Vanilla Traveler’s team, Tatjana is also the best and knowledgeable airline ticket specialist in the Baltic States. Drawing on her 35 year travel industry experience, she can solve any complication in a professional and efficient manner and loves to take care of all the clients’ needs and desires. “After a hard day’s work I like to reward myself with an exotic cruise or a beach vacation where I can lounge in the sun and simply enjoy life. And if I feel like doing something a bit more active, I rent a car, grab a map and set off to explore the wild beaches far from the usual tourist trails.”

Unda Putane

As a high class client service professional, Unda stands out with her creative personality and broad knowledge base of the best beauty and wellness destinations worldwide. Clients can always rely on her detailed itineraries, carefully selected accommodation and personal recommendations on the latest cultural events across the globe. “When I travel, I always look for a way to pamper myself and discover a new SPA for our lovely clients either in Europe or somewhere in the Caribbean region. Every year I try to visit India or Sri Lanka in order to continue my search for unique Ayurvedic centres where one can truly relax and draw energy for a brand new day.”

Inga Kavaca

Inga has more than 20 years of professional travel industry experience under her belt. Throughout this time she has not only gained substantial practical knowledge but has also acquired impressive theoretical expertise by completing international courses and obtaining the highest degree IATA certificate. She emanates trust and makes the clients feel truly cared for by always double checking all the details herself from A to Z. “In my free time I travel with my family and children to small towns across Europe where we stay at charming little manors with authentic food and good wine. I enjoy spending time in nature where I can comfortably relax in peace and quiet.”